Quality Control
Our Quality Control is a system, which operates as soon as the raw material enters our works. Stringent checks ensure that the raw material used is of desired strength and quality. The system moves through WELL EQUIPPEDlaboratories for Chemical Analysis, Microscopic Crack Detection, and Physical properties. When the finished product reaches the Dispatch bay it has gone through the entire Quality Control System.
Control and Inspection Process to Check on Quality :
  • Raw Material Chemical Composition test.
  • Raw Material Tensile Strength / Elongation test.
  • Testing of Tensile Strength / Proof Load of Bolts / Screws.
  • Test for Hardness.
  • Testing of Proof Load of Nuts.
  • Inspection done using Go / No Go Ring Gauges, Snap Gauges, Screw Plug Gauges, Verniers, Micrometer, Dial Indicators.
  • Elcometer for checking coating thickness.
  • Wear Check Plug for Calibration of Ring Gauges.
  • Sleeve Gauges for Calibration of Vernier, Micrometer and Snap Gauges.
  • Ultrasonic Crack Detection Unit for checking cracks / void in raw materials.
  • Dye Penetration Testing Unit.
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